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We are a specialized endodontic practice that leverages state-of-the-art technology to offer the most comfortable, gentle, and efficient root canal treatments. Our team of experienced endodontic specialists, including Drs. Melamed, Tawady, Mullally, Reece, and Jabir, is dedicated to delivering exceptional care. To better serve you, our doctors practice at two locations: Lutherville, MD, and Bel Air, MD. Both offices are equipped with cutting-edge tools, such as surgical microscopes and digital radiology, ensuring the highest quality of treatment.

Dr. Judy Melamed
Dr. Tontesh Tawady
Dr. Brynne A. Reece
Dr. John G. Mullally
Dr. Samiya R. Jabir

All our doctors are alumni of the University of Maryland School of Dental Surgery. During their time there, they engaged not only in dental and endodontic practice but also conducted clinical research studies that have contributed to advancements in the field. Each doctor has completed over two years of additional training in endodontics and holds recognition from the dental board as a specialist in the field of endodontics.

Our practice, established over 30 years ago, was among the pioneering teams of endodontic specialists in Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout this period, we have fostered significant and enduring connections within the local dentist network. This ensures continuous communication between your referring dentist and our office, creating a smooth transition during your endodontic treatment and facilitating your return to your general practitioner for follow-up care.

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We hope that our website helps answer your questions regarding endodontic dental care. However, please feel free to contact us if something is left unclear  Lutherville-Timonium 410-821-5553, Bel Air Office 410-836-7800.