Green Dental CT

World's First Low Dose Dental 3D CT Device. green ct

We want to ensure that our patients have the best care possible. By using the latest dental ct technology, we are able to review high-quality images and can quickly give our patients the right treatment.Dental CT

We believe that our patients deserve the best service we can offer. That's why we are the first endodontic practice in Baltimore to acquire this state of the art Dental CT X-ray imaging system. This revolutionary device produces superior image quality, giving us a clear view of your particular dental issue, and allowing us to make a fast and accurate diagnosis.  With ultra low radiation exposure.

The PaX-i3D Green is a dental CBCT system that provides multiple views of a patient's mouth and jaw.  Its 3D imaging creates an innovative way for us to quickly evaluate which treatment would be best for you.

dental CBCT
Dental CT Endodontic Partners LLC

What is Green Dental CBCT

  • Low X-ray radiation providing safer Dental CT scans with the latest advances in X-ray technology.
  • Only Dental CT device on the market that is FDA cleared for pediatric use, child size X-ray doses, minimizing danger to our children.
  • Eco-friendly device, safer materials and less impact on the environment.

Patient Benefits

Superior Image Quality
One of the most evident benifits of using the best imaging technology is that the images are of the highest quality.  This makes it much  easier for us to see what dental issue you may be facing, and quickly and confidently make an accurate diagnosis.

Exceptional Comfort
We use the latest technology for many reasons, not the least of which is the comfort of our patients.  Newer Dental CT systems are designed for patient comfort, and they also process images quickly so patients can spend minimal time in a given position.  The open design of the PaX-i3D Green even allows for wheelchair accessibility.

Low X-Ray Dose
Our new Dental CT also offers patients a much lower x-ray dose than other dental CBCT imaging equipment, reducing radiation by up to 60 percent.  This helps us ensure the safety of our patient.

How CBCT Aid Endodontists in Root Canal Treatment

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