What is an Endodontist?

Endodontics is a specialty in the field of dentistry. Endodontist is a specialized dentist with at least two additional years of advanced training in root canal related procedures. In practice, endodontists narrow their field to performing root canals and root canal related treatments. Their advanced training, specialized techniques, and superior technologies mean you get the highest quality endodontic care with the best result.

Endodontists are specialists in diagnosing and treating tooth-related pain. Endodontic Partners specialize in saving teeth!

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Endodontists Receive Advanced Education/Training

Endodontists become specialists by completing two years of advanced training in endodontics after four years of dental school. Their additional training focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canal treatment and other procedures related to the interior of the tooth.

Endodontist vs Dentist

Just like in the field of medicine, specialists in the field of dentistry have a narrow scope of practice. Endodontists perform routine as well as difficult and very complex endodontic procedures, including root canal treatment, endodontic surgery and special procedures to save teeth after traumatic dental injuries. An average endodontist will perform 25 root canals per week whereas a general dentist may only do two a week. Therefore, root canals done by an endodontist are efficient, precise, and most importantly virtually painless with a high rate of success!

Endodontists Are highly Skilled in Pain Management

Endodontists are experts at efficiently managing a wide variety of complex endodontic complications.  They use specialized techniques to ensure patients are not in pain and comfortable throughout their treatment. Their advanced training makes them experts in administering anesthetics in patients who have problems getting and staying numb. Endodontic treatment is done to relieve pain, as a result 90 percent of patients will feel immediate relief after treatment is completed.

Endodontists Utilize Leading-Edge Technologies

Endodontists utilize technology specifically designed for endodontic procedures. By narrowing their scope of work, they have specialized equipment and materials that are usually not available in general practice to treat the most complicated endodontic cases. Advanced 3D digital imaging is used to visualize complex canal configuration. Tooth isolation is vital in root canal therapy, therefore dental dam is used to isolate the tooth to prevent bacteria from reentering pulp camber during the procedure. Surgical microscopes are used to locate micro fractures and easily missed calcified canals. Rotary nickel titanium (NiTi) file are used to clean and shape the canals.

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