Before Surgery


  1. Discuss any abnormal bleeding episodes following other surgery or injuries.
  2. Discuss with your medical doctor any necessary changes in anticoagulant medicine dosage.
  3. Begin taking any antibiotics your doctor has prescribed for you as instructed.
  4. Have something to eat before coming to the office for your appointment: DO NOT FAST.
  5. Take 2 tablets of 200mg Motrin 1hour prior to surgery (take with food).
  6. Try to trim any long facial hair surrounding the oral cavity to improve visibility during the procedure.
  7. This procedure will be done using local anesthetics so you will be alert and able to drive yourself home. You may bring someone with you if you prefer.
  8. A biopsy may be sent to LabCorp or Quest. We will need your MEDICAL INSURANCE information for submitting the biopsy.  Please advise us which lab can be used.
  9. Additional instructions will be given to you following the procedure.

We hope that our website helps answer your questions regarding endodontic dental care. However, please feel free to contact us if something is left unclear  Lutherville-Timonium 410-821-5553, Bel Air Office 410-836-7800.