We want to ensure that our patients have the best care possible.  That's why we invest only in the finest endodontic technology available.  Some of the cutting edge technology used in root canal treatment at Endodontic Partners includes low dose Green CBCT, operating Zeiss microscopes, Kodak digital imaging, ultrasonic instruments, DentaPure water filters, and nickel titanium rotary files.

Endodontists Utilize Leading-Edge Technologies

Endodontists utilize technology specifically designed for endodontic procedures. By narrowing their scope of work, they have specialized equipment and materials that are usually not available in general practice to treat the most complicated endodontic cases. Advanced 3D digital imaging is used to visualize complex canal configuration. Tooth isolation is vital in root canal therapy, rubber dental dam is used to isolate the tooth to prevent bacteria from reentering pulp camber during the procedure. Surgical microscopes are used to locate micro fractures and easily missed calcified canals. Rotary nickel titanium (NiTi) file are used to clean and shape the canals.

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