Da Boss
21:11 14 Aug 17
Dr. Judy is amazing! I have had two root canals and her professionalism, work and personality are top notch. I had very little pain afterwards even though I was given Percocet, it wasn't needed. She was efficient yet thorough. I highly recommend her office! A+
Dmitry Finkler
18:37 02 Aug 17
Dr. Melamed is a master of her craft. She is very thorough and efficient. I had a great experience with her and her staff (as great as a root canal could be). I am very pleased at the service I received. Thank you
Dimitriy Shif
19:29 02 Aug 17
Having work done on your teeth can be a daunting experience. However, Dr. Melamed and her staff put me at ease by addressing all of my concerns. Dr. Melamed's work is of the highest caliber and the pain is nearly zero. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get the best root canal in the Baltimore area.
Nana Frimpong
04:22 13 Feb 17
A pleasant surprise. I was initially hesitant to schedule an appointment for a root canal given that I was scared of how painful the procedure would be. But after meeting with the staff and doctor my nerves were calm. They made sure I was comfortable from check-in to check-out. Also the procedure was actually short and pain free. I would definitely revisit the doctor again and if i needed another procedure.
Naren Vedula
15:13 18 Jan 17
I was referred to Dr. Tawady for a root canal about 6 months ago. After his thorough examination he concluded that the tooth was fine and no root canal was necessary. I was pleasantly surprised and have had no issues with the tooth to this day. It’s nice to have dental specialist that does what is best for his patients. I will be returning to his office for any root canal I may need in the future and highly recommend him to anyone in need of treatment.
Tanmeet Aneja
20:25 28 Aug 17
Dr. Tawady is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure his patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry he can offer. I took my mother to see Dr. Tawady to get a root canal. She has had bad experiences in the past and was nervous about getting this procedure done again. Dr. Tawady made both of us comfortable and the procedure was a breeze! I have since then referred my family to him.
Marco G
17:38 06 Dec 17
Referred to Dr. Melamed by my general dentist, Dr. Maranto for root canal revision. Dr. Melamed was professional, friendly and cognizant of any discomfort I might have been having. The office staff were also friendly and professional. Should I need any future endodontic treatments I will definitely be going back to see Dr. Melamed.
Rebecca Butcher
17:17 18 Dec 17
After needing an emergency root canal, Dr. Melamed made room for my appointment and made sure I was well taken care of during my procedure. She is comforting, relaxed and would check every few minutes if I was okay. I am normally very afraid of dental work but I knew I was in good hands upon meeting Dr. Melamed, I highly recommend her!
Lex Anders
17:42 18 Jan 18
Dr. Tawady did 2 root canals. Very professional, very clean and as painless as possible! Even his assistants and front desk staff were super sweet. I would totally recommend him working on your teeth.
00:38 09 Dec 17
Dr. Tawady did my root canal it was fast and pain free and he talked me through the whole thing. I've been home for 8 hrs and still no pain. He is by far one of the best dentist I've been to.
Julie Wood
02:45 29 Oct 17
Finished my Root Canal treatment with Dr Hyson this week. Was as painless as possible. Would recommend this practice to anyone needing further treatment!
Connie Lynch
19:17 04 Jan 18
Very knowledgeable, professional, clean and friendly office